There is nothing like a day fishing trip on the Aurora Yacht with Yacht Charters Puerto Vallarta. Our day trips run 4-


Puerto Vallarta fishing with PV Sportfishing Charters.
Puerto Vallarta fishing is well known for its big game fish like
Yellowfin Tuna, Black and Blue Marlin, Dorado and Sailfish.
But you can also catch many other fish species fishing
inside and outside Puerto Vallarta's Banderas bay a
Favorite for anglers and fun for everyone is Roosterfish, or
Jack Crevalle. You can also bottom fish for Red snapper
and Grouper along with other small species like bonitas and
Spanish Mackeral. If you would like to catch big game fish
then You go offshore, for Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna you
need 10 hour to an overnight charter for Sailfish and
Dorado 8-10 hour days. On our Puerto Vallarta fishing
Charters We go 22 miles offshore on a 8 hour day the
fishing spot is called El morro on a 10 hour fishing charter
you go 36 miles offshore to La Corbetena and a 12 hour
day you go 50 miles offshore to EL banco longer days 14
hour and overnight trips your fishing charter will go 60-120
miles offshore depending on time and where the best bite
is. So if you are a serious angler looking to brake world
records get ready for an offshore day at least 36 miles
offshore from the Puerto Vallarta Marina. Puerto Vallarta fly
fishing has been growing more in popularity every year the
most asked about Puerto Vallarta fish on the fly is
Roosterfish which can be caught on a 6-8 hour day normally
off the north point of Banderas bay between December and
May. If Your hunting Blue or Back Marlin best time of the
year is July-November, Yellowfin Tuna can be caught all
year around fishing in Puerto Vallarta but normally the
colder months you need to go 70-120 miles offshore Sailfish
can also be caught all year around you can see more info
on PV fishing seasons on our Puerto Vallarta fishing
calendar or check out our recently updated Puerto Vallarta
fishing reports We have 2 International Puerto Vallarta
fishing tournaments each year for Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, and
Dorado Held in August and November at the most recent
tournament August 2013 Team Ana Maria won 1st place
Marlin with a 576 lb Blue Marlin See full report here Marlin
Tournament report.