Las Animas

One destination that has always been a popular stopping point for our guests is “Las Animas”. It is a beautiful small village and beach to the south of Puerto Vallarta. It is another spot only accessible by boat

Making your way to Las Animas Beach

The only way to get to Las Animas is by water taxi or private yacht. Many of our past guests have always enjoyed a visit to Las Animas and along the way we will pass by the world famous Los Arcos rock formations which are absolutely gorgeous and always a place for a great photo. Next you will pass the towns of Mismaloya and Boca de Tomatlan before arriving in Las Animas.

Las Animas has become quite a busy beach village with the water taxis loading and unloading passengers throughout the day as they transport them back and forth between Puerto Vallarta and the beaches and towns up and down Banderas Bay including Quimixto , Majahuitas and Yelapa.

The Water taxis almost always stop at Las Animas on the way between Yelapa and Puerto Vallarta.

Las Animas has something for everyone

Las Animas beach has been a favorite for many of our private charters because it is like coming into a tropical paradise.

The beach is one of the best rated tourist beaches in the bay because the sand is clear and fine, the waters clean, the waves soft and the surrounding nature incredible. Las Animas also has a beautiful waterfall which is quite a hike but worth it.

There are several different beach restaurants and vendors making a wide variety of Mexican foods, mainly fresh seafood, not to mention your favorite beverages.

  • There is a wide variety of Mexican crafts and gifts to buy.
  • The food is wonderful too.
  • If you love Seafood then make sure you don’t miss the local seafood platter. It has shrimp, lobster, octopus, clams, mussels and oysters with rice and vegetables.

the unique indian village

Las Animas also is a small Indian village with primarily native Mexicans and their families who have lived there for generations. The area is known as an Indian Ejido, administered by Indian communities in Chacala, a village in the mountains close to El Tuito.

You will find the people of Las Animas are very nice & friendly and always happy to see you.

They have really joined the dollar society charging a premium for drinks, food and crafts but then again you are on a private beach in Mexico.

What to expect during one of your charters

If you decide to book a charter with us, we will provide panga transport to the beach area.

While we are there, you will find all the fun beach activities such as the banana boat, parasailing and wave runners if you want a little action in your day. You can relax on the boat with a margarita or go to shore.

The Las Animas Beach Adventure Park

You will also find the Las Animas Beach Adventure Park on the beach to add a little excitement to your day with zip lines, hanging bridges, rock climbing, tequila tasting and much more. It is pretty cool and gets your blood going.

Consider Las Animas on your next Charter with us

This is one of the options during a full day or overnight tour with Yacht Charters Puerto Vallarta, there are many exciting destinations to explore so you may choose to make Las Animas one of your stops on your charter with us.