Los Muertos Pier in Puerto Vallarta

Los Muertos Pier on Los Muertos beachIf you are a long-time traveler and lover of Puerto Vallarta, then you probably have noticed the major renovations that have been made to Los Muertos pier over recent years. The Los Muertos Pier in Puerto Vallarta underwent some large-scale renovations that were completed in 2013, bringing a new architectural icon to this popular Pacific coast beach destination. It was Inaugurated on January 4th 2013 and the pier made it to CNN’s list of the most beautiful piers around the world. The pier on Los Muertos Beach, ranked number six in the article, is the perfect place for a romantic walk overlooking the gorgeous sunsets of Banderas Bay.

This new pier was designed by architect Jose de Jesus Torres Vega who was the winner of the Biannual Architecture Prize. It replaced the old pier at the southern end of the Malecon boardwalk on Los Muertos Beach and was built as a part of the renewal of the whole downtown area of Puerto Vallarta which included the new Malecon boardwalk, completed in 2011. What was once a somewhat unattractive pier is now a modern and interesting icon. The aim of the new design and construction was to bring life and movement to the downtown area of Puerto Vallarta with areas for people to sit and savor the views.

The design of the pier has sails and angles that make it look like a sailboat. In fact, from a distance, it really looks like a boat. There are actual sail boat lights on the pier that light up with pretty colors that can be seen many miles away. The lights of the pier create an excellent view for those walking down the beach in the evening or just checking out the sunset. The pier also has benches, so vacationers can take a seat while waiting for a boat to take them to nearby islands and beaches like Las AnimasYelapa and Las Marietas Islands in Banderas Bay that can only be reached by boat.

The redesign of the Malecon and pier has helped to modernize Puerto Vallarta and help its standing as a world class vacation destination. This gorgeous and modern structure is a spot you’ll want to visit at least once, even if it’s only to make use of this wonderful photo opportunity.

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