Majahuitas is a really cool beach to stop at!

It is located a mile and a half to the west of Quimixto beach just about 20 miles from Puerto Vallarta so it is a great spot to stop and enjoy the beautiful waters and beach. Majahuitas Beach is the perfect place if you are looking for tranquility, just turn off your cell phone, forget about the clock and completely disconnect from the rest of the world - except nature and relaxation of course.

The only way to get there is by water which makes it a great destination for Yacht Charters Puerto Vallarta. That is what you do when you are on a yacht, disconnect and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the bay and the beautiful beaches of Majahuitas!

The name Majahuitas' comes from "Majahua Tree"  which was actually the original name of the beach, a traditional local tree with large leaves that can grow right by the edge of the ocean and is commonly found on many beaches of the southern side of the Banderas Bay. A lot of local kids used to use them to make toy bows (for bows and arrows), because they are soft and easy to carve while humid and become tougher and elastic when dry.

Though the beach itself is part of the Chacala Indian Ejido (commune), this beach was leased to and became the home for the Von Rohr family that lived in a beautiful house in this almost private paradise.

majahuitas snorkelingAlong with the beautiful white sand and crystal clear water you will also find an incredible reef with plenty of sea caves inhabited by a wide variety of marine sea animals, these include sea ​​cucumbers, parrot fish, puffer fish, angelfish, trumpet fish, eels, and so many others, many that can easily be spotted right through the water or even better while snorkeling and diving. And from the end of November to mid-March there are many different species of sea turtles plus humpback whales, manta rays and dolphins.

Majahuitas beach is next to the El Tuito jungle, between Quimixto and Yelapa, so you will find a lot of colorful fish and sea life, a very large number of birds that fly over constantly, and a number of different flowers trees and other wildlife.

Being that this is a very secluded beach and far enough away from any city life, it is a great place if you enjoy nature, swimming, sunbathing, hiking and other eco-activities. It is a favorite of many guests that have done day and overnight charters with us. Majahuitas is an excellent destination.


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