Mercado Municipal (City Flea Market)

The Mercado Municipal (City Flea Market)

The Mercado Municipal (City Flea Market) is located by the northern shore of the Cuale river that flows through downtown Puerto Vallarta. It is very easy to find. If you are standing on the town square, just walk down Juárez street going south until you get to Agustín Rodríguez street, then take a left and there’s the market in less than 200 yards. Two murals decorate the front of the building, “Typical Market and its People” and “the Iguana from the Cuale”.  These murals were done by the restorer, Ernesto Garridos.

This Puerto Vallarta flea market spans a complete city block along the north side of the banks of the Cuale River. It is an indoor market with 2 stories. On the first floor, you will find a wide range of artisan products such as; leather products, jewelry, t-shirts and other embroidered clothing, pottery, candy, nuts, souvenirs and much more. This is a great place to practice your negotiating skills, especially if you’re looking for crafts at affordable prices.

The second floor has a few shops, but mostly restaurants with authentic Mexican food at reasonable prices. The aromas will remind you of Mexico’s rich cuisine and will leave your mouth watering. This is probably some of the most authentic ‘home cooking’ you’ll find in the Puerto Vallarta’s ‘tourist zones’.  This is a must-do for the diner who wants truly authentic Mexican cooking.  A few of the delicious dishes offered are chicken with mole sauce, tacos, baked onions, stuffed chilies and fish. Plus, many more. Also, make sure to try the “aguas frescas” (flavored water).

Everything you want in one place! Make sure to bring pesos as you’ll get a better deal than trying to deal in U.S. or Canadian dollars.