Overnight Fishing Charters Puerto Vallarta

Overnight fishing adventures on the Aurora yacht are the ultimate and most incredible charters. If you like comfort, if you are an extreme fisherman and love to catch the really big game fish like a 1000 pound tunas, the 500 pound marlins and 200 plus pound sailfish, these fishing charters in Puerto Vallarta is for you.

You are going to love this tour. There is plenty of room for a group, a private chef to prepare your favorite culinary treats, some of the best fishing tours in Puerto Vallarta gear available (over $20,000 in rods, reels and gear), a fishing crew and captain that knows where to find the big ones and know how to fish, real comfort for everyone and service crew that leaves you wanting nothing. This tour is excellent for groups of 8 -10 or more people who love the water and love fishing.

The trip will take a minimum of 4 – 5 hours until we can start to fish so you and your guests can sleep, eat, drink and relax as we make our way to some of the best fishing in the world.

The most ultimate of fishing adventures is a 3 day trip to the Maria Islands which are about 150 miles northwest of Punta Mita. This is a world famous fishing destination and also where record fish have been caught time and time again. These islands are just off the coast of San Blas in the state of Nayarit. The islands are still being used as a prison in Mexico.  This fishing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico around these islands is incredible.

Let us show you a fishing adventure of a lifetime!