The Malecón – Boardwalk

MALECON is in the center of the city and is a town favorite

It is by far the most popular tourist attraction in Puerto Vallarta. The Malecón is a sea wall or boardwalk that is longer than a mile and stretches from Los Muertos Beach in Old Town Vallarta at the south end to the McDonalds at the north end.

This waterfront path has been widened, repaved, remodeled and extended. This new Malecón is an ample, walk-friendly, brick-lined, no traffic boulevard with many lovely benches for people to sit on, decorative plants and lots of palm trees to provide shade. It is entertaining, exciting and romantic. You will enjoy the people watching and the photo opportunities. There is plenty on the Malecón to keep you fascinated.

While strolling down the boardwalk on a typical sunny Puerto Vallarta afternoon you might see musicians, artists, dancers in costume, skaters, sand sculptors, clowns, mimes, fisherman and even stilt walkers. You’ll enjoy the impressive and stunning statues of this outdoor art gallery. You will pass by many Puerto Vallarta landmarks, attractions and statues during your walk along the promenade. The ground itself has intricate designs with Huichol motifs.

Fidencio Benítez Art Gallery

Fidencio Benítez is the artist who provided these amazing touches to the walkway for your viewing pleasure. He is a well-known artist with works that can be found around town in different art galleries. Puerto Vallarta even has art you can walk on!

The waves from the Pacific Ocean are crashing on one side of the walk-way while on the other side of the Malecón are shops that sell all your gift and souvenir needs. There is a wide variety of stores so make sure you bring your shopping list and your bargaining skills.

Los Arcos - Our Lady of Guadalupe parish

Near the center of this fascinating waterfront boardwalk is Los Arcos which is the large outdoor amphitheater. Live entertainment and all different kinds of outdoor attractions occur in this amphitheater nightly.

Clown shows, live music, folk dancers and cultural events are a few examples of things you can see here. Across the street from Los Arcos is the town square where many local and tourists like to hang out and feed the pigeons or have an ice cream cone. The iconic Our Lady of Guadalupe parish is just around the corner too.

The Malecón is lively later in the night as well. The Puerto Vallarta night clubs are some of the fanciest party spots in the world. You will find extravagant décor, complex sound and lighting systems and extremely friendly service.

The new Malecón has something for everyone and it is safe to walk around there, day or night. Make sure you take a walk down the Malecón during your stay in Puerto Vallarta. You might want to move here!