One of our most popular destinations for a day charter is the small peaceful town of Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico. Yelapa is the seventh largest bay in the world and Mexico’s second largest bay. Yelapa is a small fishing village that is really only accessible by boat although there is a road, it requires a pretty serious four wheel drive vehicle.

Since the 1950’s, this small fishing village of Yelapa was the getaway to many famous people such as Bob Dylan, Dennis Hopper and many others who are in search of beautiful quiet beaches, great tequila, friendly people and tranquility. Over the past 20 years this small village has gained popularity for mainstream vacationers who are looking for the same peaceful vacation and as an alternative to the busy town of Puerto Vallarta. The population of Yelapa is just 2000 friendly residents and since there are no cars or roads it really makes a great tranquil destination.

Yelapa beach is covered in a blanket of golden sand, and is a superb place to swim, snorkel and lounge. The are also a number of restaurants along the beach and throughout the small village for those who would like to have some local cuisine and drinks. Of course, you also have your very own personal chef to provide culinary treats to you and your guests all day long.

The cruise to Yelapa takes us along the skyline of Puerto Vallarta and the southern coast of the bay. It is a beautiful 1-2 hour ride depending on any stops we make along the way. We usually will stop for some snorkeling at one of the many great private snorkeling spots we have discovered over the years.  This also gives your guests a chance to do some swimming kayaking and paddle boarding.

If you are traveling between November and April you can also plan on seeing whales, there are plenty in the bay during that time. Of course all year you will find plenty of dolphins playing, dancing and performing for you.

Once arriving in Yelapa bay there are plenty of things to do. We will provide transportation to and from the boat to the shore. Yelapa has 2 areas to go, one area is the beach area where the panga water taxi drops you off right onto the beach. This area is full of restaurants along the beach if you feel like lounging on the beach or having a snack or drink. This is also where you can get horses, it is a very cool adventure to go horseback riding through the town and up to the waterfalls. The second area area is the main town pier. Here you will have an opportunity to explore this small village and meet some of the very friendly residents as well hike to the waterfalls.

You and your group can stay on shore as long as you like and have access to transportation throughout the duration of your time in Yelapa. Of course once back on the boat, allow us to serve you and your guests your favorite cocktails and gourmet lunch or dinner. Yelapa is a great for a day tour and a spectacular overnight spot for those who like an overnight adventure.